Contraband - Time & Space

Here's one I came across in the course of researching my "Jazz Satellites II" re-issue project. There's more to come on that front (watch this space as they say), but I thought this record was too interesting to delay posting... for one thing it has some of the sickest ring-modulator abuse this side of Mwandishi, for another the bassist Bruce Cale has to be heard to be believed, this guy is a serious musician. I'd rate it a very compelling jazz-rock effort that brings to mind contemporous efforts of Weather Report and of course Miles. If that sounds interesting at all to you don't miss this. As always, check the comments for linkage.

Personnel on this jazz-fusion-noise-space odyssey (Epic 30814 - 1971):

David Pritchard: guitar
Charles Orena: tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Pete Robinson: piano, electric piano, organ, melodica, ring modulator
Bruce Cale: bass, electric bass, violin
Brian Moffatt: drums, percussion

Track Listing:
Shadow On The Mountain
To Miles
The One Who Knows
Crimson Sunsets
An Aborted Eddie Harris Tune


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heiku said...

Hey, thanks for this one-- it's been awhile since I heard it. BTW, the Peter Robinson link is to the incorrect musician, as the Contraband PR is American, whereas the linked PR was born in the UK. Contraband's Peter also played on Gil Melle's hyper-rare Waterbirds disc.

I've linked you from my blog. Feel free to do the same.


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Thanks for the info on Robinson, and the linkage heiku - I appreciate it!

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