Jazz Satellites II (Original Version)

In 1996 Virgin Records released a compilation in the Ambient series (curated by Kevin Martin) entitled "Jazz Satellites Volume 1: Electrification". You can read an excellent post about that release here, but if you are reading this the odds are you've heard it. That original release was important for the way it illuminated some common threads in music from very disparate sources- in my case it set me off on a journey that continues to this day.

The plot thickened with the discovery that there were plans for "Jazz Satellites Volume 2" that were never realized... until now, that is. You can read more of the particulars on the excellent Destination Out blog (respect to Doug W, who contributed much valuable info to the comments in that post, and who upped the cover pic you see here), and check the comments for links to the first issue of this previously unreleased comp.

Here's the track listing (links in comments).

Mahavishnu Orchestra “Miles Out”
George Russell “Events I-VII”
Weather Report “Boogie Woogie Waltz”
Olatunji “Dakun”
Carl Craig/Innerzone Orchestra “Bug in the Bass Bin”
Joe Zawinul “Arrival in New York”
Chris Bowden “Life Support”
Ray Russell Quartet “A Day in the Life of a Slave in Lower Egypt”
White Noise “The Black Mass”
Howard Shore/Ornette Coleman “Interzone Suite”
Marc Moulin “Tohubohu”
Peter Brotzmann/Bill Laswell “Death Rattle”
Joe Harriott “Multani”
AMM “Convergence”
Lights in a Fat City “When I Go Up (I Feel Like Shouting)”
Yusef Lateef “Sound Wave”
Charlie Mariano “Madras”
Masabumi Kikuchi “Auroral Flare”
Sonny Sharrock “Many Mansions”
Pat Martino “Baiyina”
Terumasa Hino “Aboriginal”


Phantom Screed said...

couple of nasty vinyl rips in these but generally pretty good.

ish said...

Good luck with the blog, this is an auspicious start. I've linked you up at Ile Oxumare.

mdnardis said...

The release of Jazz Satellites II on a blog called KOZMIGROOV is certainly a momentous occasion. As a reader of the old KG mailing list I've had the tracklist for years and have gradually assembled most of the bits and pieces but now we have it all, and with artwork!
Many thanks, and best wishes for the new blog.

Phantom Screed said...

Thanks for the kind words ish & mdnardis. There's more coming (I promise), I'm finding out doing a decent job of digitizing vinyl is a little bit more involved than I first assumed. Anyway Hope to be posting some good stuff "real soon now".

Anonymous said...

per my post at Destination Out,can anyone confirm how we know the order of the tracks? Did the Virgin promo card have that? Specifically i would like confirmation of where the breaks between the 3 cds are? Is Zawinul's Arrival in NY the last song on Disc 1 or the first song on Disc 2? Is the AMM track the last song on Disc 2 or the first song on Disc 3? Thanks! JJ

Phantom Screed said...

Hi JJ -
Totally a guess on my part - I'd love to know the real details too. From my previous life as a jazz buyer in a mid-sized chain, I can tell you that the amount of detail supplied with new release solicitations varied a lot, so it is possible the exact tune stack was not on any of the ephemera for this (un)release. Anyway if you find out let us know.

mrivs said...

Never realised that a) this body of music had a name b) others enjoy it very much too. Am currently listening to Eddie Henderson's early catalogue and welcome your post as a journey starter..

Phantom Screed said...

mrivs - when I got the mail to notify me of your comment, I was listening to Henderson's Anthology V.2 (Capricorn Years). No lie. This kozmigroov is powerful stuff :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

thanks! great blog!

Anonymous said...

Great !!! Thank you so much !